Bonne Bouche Lutosa Potato Gratin Dauphinoise 2.5kg


Individual slices of pre-fried potato, coated with cream, cheese & garlic sauce. Free flowing for your perfect portion

Ingredients: Potato slices (min. 55%), water, CREAM (CREAM, skimmed MILK powder, emulsifier E471, stabilisers E407 – E412 – E466-E508) (min. 4%), palm oil, sunflower oil, CHEESE [dryed CHEESE (96%), emulsifying salt E339-E331 (4%)] (min 2%), LACTOSE, MILK proteins, skimmed MILK powder, modified potato and corn starches, salt, garlic, dextrose, extracts of spices.

Contains : Milk

May contain : Sulphites >10ppm